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The Best Nintendo Switch Games


Nintendo Switch Games – Our list of the best games so far


The Nintendo Switch is rapidly becoming our favourite way to play games. Nintendo really have seemed to recover after the ill-fated WiiU (RIP) and are pumping out game after game of handheld goodness. Nintendo are being a lot more friendly towards 3rd party this time around and its doing them wonders!

Handheld is defiantly our preferred method of play for a lot of games but, we can’t deny some look and feel a lot more spectacular on the big screen; Zelda & Xenoblades 2 are prime candidates for this.

Now, with all the E3 games revealed and playing the waiting game we decided it was time to sit down and list out our favourite Nintendo Switch games so far. Our list in no particular order but, is compiled of games we have played to death and we think are worthy of praise!





I do not understand why Nintendo did not share any more info on Bayonetta 3 at E3 because the 1st two games are a fantastic bundle on the Nintendo Switch! Bayonetta is a bombastic action game, You play as the Umbra witch Bayonetta who has lost her memory.

The story is not what Bayonetta is all about, Bayonetta is all about action and action it does very well. Each attack you pull off has a feeling of satisfaction behind it and makes you realise that Bayonetta really is a bad ass. Attacks are fluid, satisfying, cool too look at and just feel ‘Right’.

Being an Umbra Witch, Bayonetta is capable of shape shifting, using various firearms (with all four limbs!) and can even use her hair to summon screen filling demons to take care of her adversaries. Game play is rated at the end of each section, which gives players a grade based on their performance much like Devil May Cry which was also created by Hideki Kamiya.

Bayonetta 2 is more of the same really, with a new hair cut and some additional polish. I would say the 1st game is the better of the two and it will be interesting to see where Platinum games go with the Bayonetta 3.

The only gripes I have with the game is that it feels a lot better using the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, as handheld would sometimes make some of the button mashing sections feels like I was about to rip off a Joycon!








I love Disgaea. In fact I love pretty much every Nippon Ichi Software game I have played so I may be somewhat biased.

Disgaea is a hard series to describe, It is an SRPG with over-the-top anime style characters in which you play as a Demon Overlord and Disgaea 5 complete is no exception to that rule. You play as Killia a curry loving overlord who is out for revenge. On your journey you will meet/recruit a colourful band of misfits who personal stories are usually where the comic relief comes in.

Bang for your buck wise, Disgaea 5 is insane, Each item in the game has a dungeon within it, Each character can be levelled up lvl9999 & each character is capable of dealing millions of damage (Given the right training). There is a reincarnation feature that lets you take a fully levelled 9999 character and put them all the way back to level 1 with a couple of inherited moves and a stat bonus. Not to mention that the Switch edition comes with all DLC included!

I’ve put in 120 hours alone and I’ve not even completed most of the games hardest challenges.

The writing is hilarious and a must play for any SRPG fans.

A must buy!







Hyrule Warriors was great on the WiiU, now Hyrule Warriors is great on the Switch!

The game is yet another “we’ve included all the DLC” port of the original. This is not a bad thing by no means. The game runs flawlessly in handheld mode and is a pure joy to play.

The game is a Dynasty Warriors styled, Zelda fan service, extravaganza and is a must for anyone who enjoys this hack and slash type game however, We are not to sure on how people unfamiliar with the cast and Zelda world will enjoy it.

There is something really satisfying about clearing the maps in adventure mode, which will keep you busy for some time!




Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has a similar feel to the previous Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X, including exploration the world of Alrest, the ability to run to travel pretty much anywhere seen in the distance.

A nice sprawling JRPG with over the top English (Welsh perhaps?) accents and a decent battle system that starts off really simple yet, becomes incredibly complex as the hours go by.

I personally was a little lost at first with the slower paced battle system and seemingly endless tutorials, then around 10 hours in things ‘clicked’ and I couldn’t put the game down.

If you are a fan of Anime and Anime tropes I would highly suggest you get this game. be prepared for a time sink though as you can easily spend 80+ hours roaming the world.







I am including these games together as there is a physical version with both packaged (Even though 2 is a download of a whooping 23.6gb!)

Now these are really well thought out games with their retrospective native consoles in mind. Now what I mean by this is both games are ports and it shows somewhat.

Resident Evil revelations was originally released for the Nintendo 3DS back in 2012 and has a more claustrophobic feel. The game is primarily set on a ship the Queen Zenobia and has tight corridors much like the Spencer mansion from the original Resident Evil.

You play as Jill Valentine & also as Chris Redfield in split stories that may or may not come together at some point 😉

Jill’s sections are the typical resident evil affair of solving puzzle and navigating monster infested tight spaces whereas the sections with Chris are usually a little more action oriented.

The game has a classic Resident Evil game play style mixed with the over the shoulder camera of later games in the series and really does benefit from having the Switch’s second analogue control stick.

Looks great in both handheld and on the big screen however, a few of the textures looks little grainy on the TV.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 in contrast looks amazing in both modes. almost too good! Through the campaign as Claire Redfield I did notice the occasion frame rate issue but nothing that made the game unplayable.

The second game takes place where you are trying to escape from an Island as Claire Redfield along with help from Moria, Barry Burton’s Daughter. The game goes back between Claire and Moria trying to escape and Barry trying to find where they are.

Both games are episodic in nature which is great for one the go gaming, that said Revelations 2 episodes are quite lengthy.

Another thing to note is both games feature a comprehensive raid mode which could be sold as their own separate games and are really quite addictive. The raid mode plays a little like the old mercenaries mode from Resident Evil 4.

Both games are a must have for any survival horror fan, if you had to choose one though go with the latter.





The rest….

I could go on and list the obvious but that is not what I intended this article to be about, That said if you haven’t played Zelda BOTW, Super Mario Odyssey or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe then what in hell are you waiting for!?

One final game I must mention is Stardew Valley. If you have never played it, please rectify this immediately! I brought it 3 weeks ago and so far have sunk in 54 hours!!

Is there any other Switch games I should be aware of? Please let me know down below.

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