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House Flipper 2 Review

House Flipper 2 Review House Flipper 2 starts with our character returning to their family home. They are left in charge of renovating the house and to do this they must raise some funds by taking on various odd jobs to get enough cash to start flipping properties. A pretty straightforward story, but a functional […]

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Hunt the Night Review

Hunt the Night The main storyline in Hunt the Night revolves around Vesper, an agent of a group known as the Stalkers. There are some clear Bloodborne inspirations to the story including a strong theme of crows and the fact that all of humanity is trapped in the ‘night’, an eternal nighttime where monsters roam

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Meg's Monster Review

Meg’s Monster Review

Meg’s Monster Review Meg’s Monster advertises itself as an RPG but in fact, I would say the game plays a little more like an interactive visual novel. You don’t actually play as Meg, the game starts out with a young girl (Meg) being dumped into an underworld full of monsters with many of them wanting

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