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Gameboy Advance Backlight Screen Mod

  How To Install Gameboy Advance Backlight Mod While many people are happy with the options available to play Game boy Advance games (WiiU virtual console, Game boy Player for the Gamecube) most would agree that the games play and look a lot better with the original hardware. The Game boy Advance has a massive […]

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Nintendo Switch Multiplayer: The MUST play games

  The Nintendo Switch has some of the best Multiplayer games around! Local multiplayer and co-op are provided right out of the box and online is handled via Nintendo Switch Online. This article acts as a rough guide to my must have multiplayer games! What are the best local multiplayer Switch games? These are the […]

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How to deal with a gaming backlog

The Gaming Backlog All of us have been there, staring at the screen thinking ‘Do I really need this game? I do have Game X, Y & Z already.’. It’s usually at that precise moment when you click purchase and are greeted with the usual PayPal screen. Yet another 20+ Hour game to fit into […]

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make your own playstation classic guide

Make your own PlayStation Classic console

How to make your own PlayStation Classic Console Much like Nintendo, Sony have decided to jump into the nostalgia market with its upcoming PlayStation Classic. When the Classic was announced I was very excited and couldn’t wait to hear what the other 15 games (Along with the 5 announced) were. There are some fantastic games […]

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Nintendo Switch Essential Accessories -Cheaper gamer feature 2

6 Essential Nintendo Switch Accessories You Need!

    The Nintendo Switch has been out for some time now and manufacturers have released a ton of accessories. The hybrid console comes with everything you need to get started in the box but, to get full enjoyment you will need to pick up some of the following accessories!   1. Screen Protector Now […]

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Yomawari: The Long Night Collection Review

  Yomawari: The Long Night Collection Nippon Ichi Software have done a fantastic job of supporting the Nintendo Switch so far, and Yomawari: The Long Night Collection arrives just in time for Halloween! Yomawari: The Long Night Collection is a bundle of Yomawari: Night Alone & Midnight Shadows.               […]

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Disgaea 1 Complete Rosen Queen’s Finest Edition overview

  Disgaea 1 Complete Rosen Queen’s Finest Edition   I am a massive Nippon Ichi Software fan so when Disgaea 1 complete Rosen Queen’s finest edition was announced it was pre-ordered immediately. In fact I spent the better part of an afternoon refreshing the European store waiting for the product to be added for purchase! […]

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Disgaea 1 Complete Nintendo Switch Review

The original Disgaea was released all the back in 2003 on PlayStation 2 & was somewhat of an obscure title that has gone on to achieve cult like status among SRPG fans. There have been 5 numbered entries in the series and a handful of spin-offs across numerous platforms including, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, Nintendo DS, […]

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Sony PlayStation Classic to come with 20 games

Today Sony have announced The PlayStation Classic! It will come preloaded with 20 Games including: – Final Fantasy VII Tekken 3 Wild Arms Ridge Racer Type 4 Jumping Flash   The mini console is around 45% smaller than the original PlayStation and comes bundled with two replica controllers. The mini console will provide a crisp […]

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The best nintendo switch games article picture

The best Nintendo Switch games for kids

  Nintendo always deliver when it comes to family friendly gaming making its latest iteration, The Nintendo Switch, one of the best consoles you could buy for your child. There is plenty of Nintendo Switch games for kids and the following is our choices of great, family friendly switch games that will keep the kids […]

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