How To Upgrade Your OSSC

OSSC modding Guide

How to Mod Your OSSC

In this guide, I will show you how to mod your OSSC to allow additional options and improvements. This guide is intended for OSSC version 1.7 and earlier. The newer OSSC revisions (1.8) do not need the mod as the board revision already has the improvements baked in.

The mod along with the OSSC’s latest firmware offers some great new features like a 6X line mode, meaning you can convert your 240p signals to a nice-looking 1440p. This looks great in my testing a very welcome feature.

There’s now an added HDR mode that will improve brightness if your TV or display supports it. This is great for some of the older consoles that seem to be a little on the darker side and my GameCube and Mega Drive are certainly benefiting from this feature. You may need to adjust your colour and Gamma settings to dial in your perfect image as HDR will affect both.

Shadow mask filters have now been added and they look pretty good. There’s even a pretty good PVM style filter although you’ll need to have your output set the higher line multipliers to get the best-looking image out of them.

And finally, Sync handling has been greatly improved. This is great for arcade board enthusiasts or for retro PCs that like to throw out oddball signals.

Modding steps