Sega Saturn FRAM Installation Guide

Sega Saturn FRAM guide Feature image

Why Install FRAM into Your Sega Saturn?

The Sega Saturn was the first video game console to start the trend of onboard storage solutions for game save files. While the PlayStation heavily relied on Memory cards, the Saturn had everything you needed to save files internally right out of the box with the option of expanding the memory via the cartridge slot further down the road.

While being the first console to offer onboard storage, it also had a downside. That downside is the SRAM chip Sega used to handle storage needs a constant power source to store your data. Much like in certain game cartridges from the previous generations a battery is used to keep your save files and the console’s time and date features ‘alive’. This battery (CR2032) is easily accessible from the expansion slot on the back of the console and can be changed out easily enough, although you’ll lose all your data unless you first back it up. A replacement battery only seems to last about 1 – 2 years max, so this is a problem that almost every Sega Saturn owner is going to come across sooner or later.

That’s where the FRAM mod comes into play. The F in FRAM stands for ferroelectric and is a non-volatile memory type, meaning you can keep your Sega Saturn save files intact even if the internal battery runs dry.