Sega Saturn FRAM guide Feature image

Sega Saturn FRAM Installation Guide

Why Install FRAM into Your Sega Saturn? The Sega Saturn was the first video game console to start the trend of onboard storage solutions for game save files. While the PlayStation heavily relied on Memory cards, the Saturn had everything you needed to save files internally right out of the box with the option of expanding

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OSSC modding Guide

How To Upgrade Your OSSC

How to Mod Your OSSC In this guide, I will show you how to mod your OSSC to allow additional options and improvements. This guide is intended for OSSC version 1.7 and earlier. The newer OSSC revisions (1.8) do not need the mod as the board revision already has the improvements baked in. The mod along

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Steam Deck SSD guide feature image

Upgrade Your Steam Deck SSD Without Losing Data

Steam Deck SSD Backup and Restore Guide In this guide, I will show you how to upgrade your Steam Deck’s internal storage without losing any data. This method will also work if you want to take your data from a regular Steam Deck to one of the OLED models. This is also a great option if

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House Flipper 2 Review Steam Deck feature image

House Flipper 2 Review

House Flipper 2 Review House Flipper 2 starts with our character returning to their family home. They are left in charge of renovating the house and to do this they must raise some funds by taking on various odd jobs to get enough cash to start flipping properties. A pretty straightforward story, but a functional one.

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gamecube hacking guide

GameCube Modding Guide

GameCube Modding Guide In this GameCube modding guide, I will show you how to softmod your GameCube to play game backups and load homebrew. Why Mod Your GameCube? With a modded GameCube you can run games from different regions, back up your games and run them from SD card, force your GameCube to output certain resolutions

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Raiden III x Mikado Maniax Review

Raiden III x Mikado Maniax Review Raiden III x Mikado Maniax is a vertical shoot-em-up created by Shmup Legends MOSS and given the ‘Mikado’ treatment much like Raiden IV did a few years ago including new music etc and some modern quality-of-life improvements. The core game is still exactly the same as the original Raiden III

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Super Bomberman R 2 Review feature

Super Bomberman R 2 Review

Super Bomberman R 2 Review Gameplay in SuperBomberman R 2 is divided into two main modes, Story mode and battle mode. Each plays slightly differently but does so using the core Bomberman mechanics. Story Mode The story revolves around the Bomber Brothers sent to rid the universe of evil. It really is that simple. There are

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Daymare 1994 feature image

Daymare 1994: Sandcastle Review

Daymare 1994: Sandcastle Daymare 1994: Sandcastle is a prequel to Invader Studios Daymare 1998, a game that I have been meaning to play for quite some time, but I unfortunately never got around to it. Luckily, I was able to get the chance to check out Sandcastle and on paper, it looks like my type of

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