Nintendo Switch Multiplayer: The MUST play games

The Nintendo Switch has some of the best Multiplayer games around! Local multiplayer and co-op are provided right out of the box and online is handled via Nintendo Switch Online. This article acts as a rough guide to my must have multiplayer games!

What are the best local multiplayer Switch games?

These are the best local multiplayer Switch games to play against each other. Some great 2 player games that you can play face to face and you will only have to buy one copy of the game!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is fantastic. Who doesn’t like Mario Kart? It is family friendly, has a wide range of fan favourite Nintendo characters and a ton of tracks to compete on. The controls are nice and intuitive so anyone can pick up and play. It is the perfect game to settle sibling rivalry or to decide who’s turn it is to do the dishes! Mario Kart works very well with a single joy-con and split-screen in tabletop mode but, where I think it really shines in 4 player local couch co-op on the big screen! When it comes to Local games there is not really a lot that is like Mario Kart, it may be nostalgia speaking as I have played and enjoyed every iteration all the way back to  Super Nintendo version. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe adds a few new extra characters and a couple of new modes. Nintendo took everything that worked from the Wii U version and ‘Deluxe’d’ it. Be sure to check out the newly added Balloon Battle mode it really is a ton of fun! Check prices on Amazon here!

Super Mario Party

super-mario-party-nintendo-switch-multiplayer Nintendo recently released Super Mario Party which makes some changes from where the series has been headed and does so in a great way. Gone are quite frankly boring mechanics of all moving around the board in a car, we are back to the classic ‘Monopoly’ style moving around. Super Mario Party is all about how many stars you can collect all the while stealing & sabotaging stars from your opponents. You roll the dice for a chance to play mini-games. these mini-games are where the bulk of the game is. Mini-games are fun and varied. There are four boards, 80 mini-games and 5 main modes in total. There is something here for everyone! The game plays four player and can even be played with two switches laid down next to each other to expand the game. This is something that I feel we will be seeing more of in the future. One thing to note is that the game is played with the joy-cons exclusively. You will need another pair if you want to play 4 player without using the AI controlled players. Check prices on Amazon here!

Super Bomberman R

Bomberman-r-nintendo-switch-multiplayer Super Bomberman R is a game that can make and break friendships. Sure not too much has changed over the years in regards to gameplay but, why would you change something that works so well? Bomberman R is a launch game & really takes advantage of the Nintendo Switch multiplayer features right out of the box, You can play up to 8 players on one console. You already have two controllers due to the single joy-con support. It has never been easier to blow up your player 2. The battle mode is where the majority of people will spend their time and the 4 – 8 players and be filled out with either CPU controlled opponents or real life humans! There are a ton of unlockables, customisation and the fun and frantic gameplay will keep you busy for some time. A lot of unlockables are cosmetic touches for the multiplayer which helps to differentiate each player.  Battle mode is really addictive here making you constantly want to play that one last additional game. Check prices on Amazon here!

What are the best games to play co-op?

Local co-op is where the Nintendo Switch really does excel. The console really does feel built for co-op, Nintendo clearly put a lot of thought into it. These games are great to play with another family member, Friend or partner.

Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition

HyruleWarriorsDefinitiveEdition Hyrule Warriors is a joy to play and even better in the two-player split screen. This game is a must have for any Zelda fan just for the aesthetics alone, there is a lot of familiar characters and items from the main Zelda series. Music is also remixes of old tracks from the main series with a few additions. Gameplay wise Hyrule Warriors is an action, hack and slash. If you have ever played a Dynasty Warriors game before you will know exactly what to expect. You pick a hero and battle your way across a map filled with thousands of series staple enemies. There is usually an objective that needs characters at different sides of the maps and working together to cut through all the enemies is really satisfying. Definitive Edition makes you communicate with your player 2 as to where you should be covering and also directing them where you think they should go. Good fast paced frantic fun! Check prices on Amazon here!


snipperclips-nintendo-switch-multiplayer Another launch game with a very heavy emphasis on cooperative play. Snipperclips in many ways is the perfect co-op game & seriously promotes communication with others. Built with Nintendo Switch multiplayer in mind, Snipperclips is a cooperative puzzle game. Most levels are about working together to ‘Snip’ each other into different shapes, either to create a certain shape or to interact with the environment. A few ‘Mis-snips’ can cause a few arguments but, all is worth it when you finally solve the puzzle and it is really quick to restart and get back into the action. The ‘Standard’ mode is co-op but, there is also a 4 player party mode that is a lot of fun and can get a little hectic trying to coordinate with others. Although Snipperclips is slightly short it does have a price tag to reflect that & the excellent multiplayer side of things will have you coming back for more. Check prices on Amazon here!

Resident Evil Revelations 2

Revelations 2 is built around co-op play. The whole campaign can be played split-screen co-op which is an awful lot of fun. Revelations 2 brings the Resident Evil 4 style of gameplay to the Nintendo Switch and run smoothly (Unlike the horrid PS Vita port). In my opinion, the inclusion of two-player raid mode is the game’s killer feature. You and your player 2 have to navigate through a map full of bioweapons and zombies in what is effectively a hoard mode. Ammo is usually in limited supply, this can cause some extremely stressful situations sometimes relying on your player 2 to bail you out. In between levels, your characters can be levelled up using a light RPG style system, weapons can be upgraded and fan favourite characters can be unlocked. Raid mode is the kind of thing you could literally sink all day into. Levels get progressively harder but, you both also get progressively stronger. Be sure to try to get gold medals in all the levels! Check prices on Amazon here!


Minecraft needs no introduction and runs perfectly on the Nintendo Switch and is a great way to lose literal hours building your perfect home or filling a room with chickens (Don’t judge me). Luckily the Switch version includes a very easy to access 2 player split screen mode. You can easily get a friend to drop right into your game and help you with your building endeavours. The Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft comes with a few extras like the Super Mario Bros skin pack featuring music and characters from the Mario Series. If you have a friend with another switch and a copy you can also play together over local WiFi. Also with a recent update, you can now cross-play with people on Xbox, In fact, you can actually sign into your Microsoft account and earn Xbox achievements! Check prices on Amazon here!

Overcooked Special Edition

Overcooked-nintendo-switch-multiplayer Overcooked is a co-op time management, kitchen simulator. This might sound pretty dull on paper but, in reality, it is frantic co-op fun. The premise is each character plays a chef and their job is to prepare orders as they come through in a timely manner. You gather your ingredients, prepare them, cook them, and then plate up your creations. Sounds simple right? The real fun of Overcooked kicks in when yourself or player 2 leaves something in the fryer a little too long. before you know the food is on fire and you are trying to deal with it while orders a still coming in. The game starts off mellow but can quickly become a shouting match that would outdo Gordon Ramsay! With no online Multiplayer, you are going to have to rely on friends, Which may be in short supply after a prolonged session in the kitchen! Check prices on Amazon here!

The best online Switch games?

These are the best games to play by yourself online. These games will require Nintendo Online to play but, for the price, the service is well worth it.

NES Games

nes-nintendo-switch-multiplayer Pretty self-explanatory but, the NES collection is available with the Nintendo Online subscription & has some fantastic games from Nintendo’s old classic library. There is a little something for everyone! The ability to be able to play with friends online has added a lot to the mix. There are some SP versions of some of the games being releases which are the game equivalent of remixes to keep old games fresh. You can play games such as Mario Bros., Balloon fight or Dr Mario. Nintendo does sell replica NES controllers but, personally I think the Joy-cons do a good enough job. Nintendo keeps adding extra games each month to keep things fresh but, I am really hoping for Super Nintendo Games eventually. Check prices for Nintendo Online on Amazon here!

Mario Tennis Aces

Mario-Tennis-nintendo-switch-multiplayer Mario Tennis Aces is addictive and just plain fun. You can choose to play as one of the ever-growing cast of classic Mario characters in this slightly over the top tennis game. Online matchmaking problems have been ironed out, now only pairing you with someone who has a similar connection to yourself. This stop the frustration of a lag in a game where your reactions need to be fast! This is the kind of family-friendly fun that the Mario franchise is known for. Tournaments are held regularly online to keep you coming back for more and new characters are being added quite often by Nintendo. Aces allows you & a friend to play doubles online against two other people, which is amazing. although the single player mode is a little lacklustre I still have to recommend Aces on the merits of its multiplayer modes alone. Check prices on Amazon here!


fortnite-nintendo-switch-multiplayer There is nothing better than knowing you are better than 99 other players. This is of course only if you can outwit and survive the 99 other players. Fortnight is a Battle Royale style game where 100 people are dropped onto a map and the idea of the game is to be last man standing. Weapons and items are procured around the massive map so there is an element of luck of finding good ones! If you have kids I am pretty sure you would have heard an awful lot about the game already. Originally I thought Fortnite was just a fad type game that would quickly die off, yet I find myself playing it quite often on the Switch. On PC I play PUBG quite often but, In bed, I am quite satisfied to play Fortnite. Another great thing about Fortnite it’s 100% free to play!

Splatoon 2

splatoon-nintendo-switch-multiplayer The Splatoon Series has finally found a stable home after leaving the ill-fated Wii U. Splatoon’s second chance comes as the aptly named Splatoon 2. I am really glad Nintendo didn’t just let this franchise die with the Wii U! Splatoon 2 is a 3rd person shooter with a twist: you shoot ink. You play as an Inkling and the main multiplayer game is turf war and the idea is to fill as much of the map with your teams colours Ink as possible while stopping the opposing team from doing the same. Your character is able to submerge into your teams coloured ink and glide around at a faster pace all the while reloading ink for your weapons. Unlockables like weapons etc are earned over time and you will always have something to work towards. This will give you a good incentive to keep playing for some time. Check prices on Amazon here!

Dark Souls Remastered

Dark-Souls-nintendo-switch-multiplayer Dark Souls have finally made its way on to the switch. Its 6 months late but, that’s OK. we will forgive it! Dark Souls is known for being brutally difficult for the uninitiated but, with practice, you will get better. What won’t help you is being invaded by another player, not only will you still have to deal with the enemies but, also with them. The invader will no doubt be nude, only wearing a dad mask and wielding a fully upgraded sword. This is how things usually go down in Dark Souls. After learning the core mechanics you too will be able to invade another player’s world and wreak havoc. PVP is all part of the game and there is nothing more satisfying than besting an invader in your world. Given some practice, you too will be running around with no armour griefing people in no time! Check prices on Amazon here!

Upcoming Switch games with Multiplayer support

Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Stardew Valley, Pokemon. We are extremely excited about these upcoming games. Super Smash Bros will no doubt be the must-have game for any switch owner this Christmas. Nintendo has clearly and carefully put a lot of thought into the online component of Smash. Stardew Valley will be receiving its Multiplayer update soon, which will play somewhat like how Minecraft does. Each player will get a cabin in the host players world & we will finally be able to farm together. This will come in very handy when exploring the mines! Pokemon: Let’s go will support local multiplayer! This is going to be a really interesting mechanic allowing you to catch Pokemon with others. It will be interesting to see how the online single player works also.

Multiplayer Switch games to avoid

Doom. Doom is a great game! Bethesda has done a really good job of porting it over. It does lose some of its graphical fidelity which was to be expected but, the frame rate is the real issue. This is hardly noticeable in the main campaign but, in multiplayer almost makes the game unplayable. Be warned!

Can I play Nintendo Switch multiplayer with one game card?

Unfortunately not. Gone are the days of download play from the DS & 3DS. The Nintendo Switch does require you to have an individual copy of each game unless you want to play locally on one console. There is one game that is an exception to this; Namco Museum. This game lets you download a client version for multiplayer via Eshop.

Can I really play Nintendo Switch multiplayer on a Plane?

Yes, you can! You can either play tabletop mode with a Joy-con each or play on two separate consoles via local WiFi connection. The Nintendo Switch does have an Air plane mode which will cut off all WiFi and disable the use of the joy-cons in tabletop mode. Air plane mode is a surprise inclusion as most modern air planes offer onboard WiFi so I wouldn’t worry about any type of interference coming from the Switch itself. The one thing I would advise against is using on onboard WiFi as it’s really terrible in most cases and should only be used to browse web-pages and check email etc. Don’t be expecting to go online with Mario Kart! If you enjoyed this article be sure to check out our other article where I list the 6 essential Nintendo Switch accessories!

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