6 Essential Nintendo Switch Accessories You Need!

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The Nintendo Switch has become my favourite console, If I have a choice to purchase a game on the PS4 or Switch, I will choose the Switch each time even if it costs an additional 30-40% more with the ‘Switch Tax’. I have pretty much re-brought the entirety of my Wii U collection for the Switch because of the portability aspect of the console.

The hybrid console comes with everything you need to get started in the box but, to get full enjoyment you will need to pick up some of the following accessories!

So, after over 1000 hours of playtime, What are the best Nintendo Switch accessories? The best Nintendo Switch accessories are as follows:- 

1. Screen Protector

No one wants a scratched screen, right? You spent a lot of money buying your switch only to get a massive scratch across the screen; Devastating.

The Nintendo Switch’s screen in not actually glass, it is, in fact, a hard plastic. On one hand, this is great as the screen has a little more give in it so if you drop it or bang the screen it has a degree of flexibility. On the other hand, being plastic is much more prone to scratching, unlike a glass screen.

Also, it turns out that Nintendo didn’t factor in the hard plastic inside the dock which over time rubs on the screen leaving unsightly marks on your otherwise pristine console – It drives me mad!

The Anti-Glare protection kit from Power A is really nice, the pack comes with two protectors and they have the added benefit of giving the screen a matt appearance which means no more bedside lamp reflections for me! I cannot stress enough how big of a deal this is!  They even come with a nice Switch Branded lint-free cloth also!

2. Pro Controller

After using the Nintendo Switch’s Pro Controller, it is very hard to go back to the joy-con grip. A lot of current games feel like they are made with the Pro controller in mind, Zelda & Dark Souls especially. It is a little pricey but, thankfully has come down in price considerably. Inside is everything you would expect to find in the joy-cons including HD rumble and NFC for all you Amiibo hoarders out there & personally, I feel the Pro Controller is the best way to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

I recently purchased a second Nintendo Switch for my partner and was considering a slightly cheaper branded controller by Power A which looked almost the same (Except for some really nice Zelda art on it). However, I found out that these controllers are missing HD rumble, NFC and more importantly motion controls! This makes some games like Super Mario Odyssey practically unplayable without switching back to the Joy-cons!

In the box, you also get an additional USB-C charging cable which is very handy indeed and the whole controller really does a premium feel. Trust me, once you use a pro controller going back to the Joy-cons is hard! The extra cost is worth it and you can feel the ‘Nintendo’ quality in your hands.

The Pro controller comes in a few different variations with plain black being the cheapest at the time of writing.

3. Everywhere Messenger Bag

Perfect not just for travel but also for storage. I personally keep my Switch inside my Messenger Bag when not docked. There’s room in there for 5 or so game cases, the pro controller and AC adaptor. There is space for the dock if you are travelling to a family or friends (Or even for business!). Inside you get a rather nice hard protective case for the Switch console itself.

I do like the fact that the bag is a little understated also and isn’t completely plastered with logos on the outside. Personally, I think the grey travel bag looks somewhat professional, however, we got my partner the Zelda themed travel bag and I do have to admit, it does look very cool! Also for retro gaming fans, PowerA has recently released a Super Mario edition which proudly displays the title screen and a little bit of the underground stage below.

4. Storage - Micro SD Card

This may just be the most boring item on this list but, is probably one of the most important. Nintendo. sadly, included only 32gb of internal memory on the Switch. This is OK if you are mainly going to be buying physical games but, most people will buy at least a few digital exclusive games. I am an avid physical game collector and I have already filled up all the internal memory and also most of a 128gb MicroSD card

I recently purchased both Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 when they were on sale last. The Resident Evil Revelations 2 download comes in at 23.6GB and the first game was a still rather large 12.0GB! Even my Minecraft saves are taking up nearly 1GB of space! The Final Fantasy X/X-2 remaster has FFX on the game card but will require you to download X-2 separately. Final Fantasy X-2 on the Switch has a file of 12.9GB which would take up over 1 third of your internal memory even though you own the game card!

With the portability of the switch, a memory card is a must have you plan on having a large digital collection to take with you on the go. It will save you the hassle of having to carry around all your game cards and cases etc. With most triple-A games coming in at over 20gb I would suggest picking up at least a 128gb Micro SD card.

5. Additional AC Adapter

This may not be as big a problem for others as it is for me! In our house, my dock sits lovingly next to my PS4 downstairs. This location was ideal if I was playing downstairs but, I do well over 50% of my gaming on the Switch in handheld mode in bed! There was an awful amount of hassle caused by having to unplug the AC adapter and remember to either bring it all the way upstairs or drag it all the one back down. There is nothing more soul destroying than seeing the battery low message flash up and remembering that your charger is plugged in all the way downstairs!

The ideal solution is to keep an additional AC adapter in your travel bag with you while leaving the original in the dock. You can find charging points almost everywhere these days, including coffee shops and even on trains. Check out our guide on how to improve your Nintendo Switch’s battery life for more ideas!

6. Nintendo Switch Charge & Play Stand

The more I think about the Nintendo Switch the more I think that Nintendo didn’t put enough thought into the dock & charging side of things as they should have! The Nintendo Switch does a great job in tabletop mode, It really is quite a lot of fun to play Mario Odyssey or a mini-split screen Mario Kart with a friend.

A small design floor, however, is the location of the charging port. There is no way to get the USB-C cable into the console while in tabletop mode. This can be frustrating if you are playing for any longer period of time, effectively forcing you to stop playing or to switch to handheld mode.

Fortunately, Nintendo eventually came up with a solution. The Charge & Play Stand, adjustable and allows for the input of power while playing in tabletop mode. No more running out of power while still, technically, in tabletop mode. This fixes the problem of running out of charge just a few hours into your tiny Mario Kart 8 tournament.


I’ve decided to include a few bonus items as I’ve had time to test out some new products. I still stick by my original 6 accessories so please, just count these purely as bonuses!

D-pad Joy-Con by HORI

This is great for fighters in particular. The Hori D-pad Joy-Con is a good replacement for your left Joy-Con. Hori has always made great controllers and these Joy-Cons are no exception, they come in a few different variants all sporting a retro translucent aesthetic.

The good news is the D-pad really feels great. I would consider this a must have if you enjoy Street Fighter, The Castlevania collection or the Megaman Legacy collections. Please note that these are for use in handheld mode exclusively, they don’t have motion controls built in or even an internal battery. They are priced accordingly though and for any retro game fan reading, I would seriously recommend picking one up!

Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C

More power is better. Carrying a Powerbank will help you to no end. I recommend the Anker PowerCore+ 20100, It will provide you with two full battery charges and has the benefit of charging your phone etc. 

I won’t go too in-depth here but, check out my article on how to improve your Nintendo Switch’s battery life, I mention this as one of my methods in making your Nintendo Switch gaming last longer!

8Bitdo Wireless Adapter

The 8Bitdo wireless adapter allows you to use your PS4 controller with your Nintendo Switch. Not just your Nintendo Switch controller but, your PS3 controller, Wii Mote, Wii U Pro controller & the various 8Bitdo controllers that have been released. (Be sure to check out the SF30 Pro, a SNES styled controller and a personal favourite.)

Using a PS4’s DualShock 4 controller, you will find support for motion controls and rumble, Although not HD, the rumble does a pretty good job. You also have the bonus of using the adapter as a Bluetooth receiver for your PC or MAC.

HORI Switch Game Card Case

This HORI Switch game card case is a must-have for anyone who likes to buy physical and is an officially licensed product by Nintendo. The case easily fits into the Everywhere messenger bag and allows you to keep your game cases safe, displayed on your self at home!

The case holds up to 24 Nintendo Switch game carts and even has 2 slots for Micro SD cards. 

** For accessories for the Switch Lite click here! **

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