How to wall mount a PS4

How to wall mount your PS4: Has cable management ever drove you to the brink of insanity? It certainly has for me, in fact, it has become a pet peeve of mine. Is there anything we can do to help? Well, yes! Wall mounting is something I never really thought about before, but it makes a lot of sense. Gone are the cables and dust being collected by the coiled mess behind and besides my TV. What we are left with is a minimal, clean and deliberate looking setup!

So, how do you wall mount a PS4? The easiest way to wall mount a PS4 is to use a premade mount. You screw the mount into the wall & away you go!

How to Mount a PS4

Why Wall Mount your PS4?

Why would you want to mount your PS4? Because it’s cool of course! Well, cool might be going a little far, but for practicalities sake mounting your PS4 seems like a no brainer. I used to have mine next to me on my desk taking up a fair chunk of space and I was always paranoid about spilling a drink on it. I have seen others keep their PS4 on a carpeted floor before with ugly looking cables running up the wall vertically to their wall mounted TV. Not only does having the console on the floor not look as aesthetically pleasing, but it also collects dust easier leading to overheating. Not only that but its also very easy to end up inadvertently kicking your PS4 or even finding a cat perched upon it! You could keep your PS4 in an entertainment unit or cabinet, but you still have the issues of where to run the cables (especially if your TV is wall mounted) and the console will run hotter due to lack of ventilation.

There are a few companies out their providing solutions for mounting your PS4. I would recommend HIDEit mounts. HIDEit have been around for over a decade and the company started when the founder realized that he couldn’t fit his Nintendo Wii into his cabinet with the rest of his components as the sensor bar cable was too short. Noticing the gap between the TV and the wall he thought why not make a wall mount that can both hold the console and hide it out of the way at the same time. HIDEit have solutions for the original PS4, PS4 ‘Slim’ & PS4 PRO.

Personally, I like to display my consoles, so I don’t mind if they do not fit behind my television. In fact, I think they look pretty cool mounted on the wall. As an avid collector of gaming consoles, I think wall mounting your console is a very practical of displaying them while still having them functional.

how to wall mount PS4

Wall Mount a PS4:

Installing a PS4 Wall Mount

Step 1.

Decide where you actually want your console to be mounted. Don’t squish the PS4 too close to any obstacles and make sure the vents on the PS4 have at least 6 inches around them to avoid things getting too hot.

Step 2.

Work out what kind of wall you have. In a modern house, most of the time you will be drilling through either plaster or drywall, however, in some instances you will be drilling into masonry so make sure you use a masonry drill bit!

Step 3.

Using the Mount as a guide grab your level to make sure everything is straight and mark out with a pencil or pen the holes the bracket on the wall. Make sure you’re not in the path of any electrical cables. A stud finder is optional but comes in really handy here, the StudSensor e50 will detect any live cables and can even help find the edge of the wood behind, you can pick one up here from Amazon. With any type of drilling into plaster or drywall, I would suggest cutting the power to that room’s sockets at your consumer unit. Better safe than sorry!

wall mount a ps4 guide

Step 4.

Drill your holes! Once again this is dependant on if it is drywall or masonry so be careful. If it’s drywall you can drill into to normally, however, if you have a Masonry wall you may require a pilot hole to be drilled first due to the density of the material. Once your holes are drilled insert your Rawlplugs / anchors into your freshly drilled holes.

ps4 wall mount drill

Step 5.

The fun part (Sort of), hold your mount flush to the wall and line it up to the holes & either using a drill with a Philips head bit or just a Philips head screwdriver, screw the mount secure to the wall.

At this point, you may want to decide exactly how you want to manage your cables.

    • You have a few options if your PS4 is mounted behind your TV your cables will mainly be out of sight anyways.
    • If your PS4 is mounted on the wall next to your TV you could drill a room for a desk grommet just slightly to the side of your mount and one below nearest your plug socket. This allows you to pass the cables behind the wall from one grommet to another looking really smart.
    • You can tack the cables to the wall and display them proudly!
    • You can always run the cables through some white conduit which will just box in the cables and keep things looking clean
Install PS4 wall mount drilling

Step 6.

Place your PS4 into the wall mount and connect any cables you need to your television and you are done! Enjoy your wall-mounted PS4!


While researching the proper way to wall mount a PS4 I also noticed that you can pretty much mount any console. The Nintendo Switch dock mount looks very nice and I think it might just become my next project!

If you would like to pick up your own PS4 wall mount you can get them here: PS4 Original, PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro.

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