Hell Warders Review (Nintendo Switch)

Hell Warders Review Nintendo Switch 4

Hell Warders Review (Nintendo Switch)

Hell Warders is a tower defense action role-playing game and despite my initial reservations the mix of genres actually works very well!


In Hell Warders, you play as one of three diverse warders, heroes, who are tasked with stopping the invading forces of hell across the land.

You have been granted powers by the Nexus, a crystal-like object that allows you to summon a legion of units to help you keep the demons away!

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Each level is played from the third-person perspective and consists of a number of waves. There are two stages to each wave, the first you run around placing your units about the map, the second is the actual attack section where the demons try to make it across the map to destroy the Nexus.

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The second part of each wave is where Hell Warders sets itself apart is tower defense counterparts, You actually maintain control of your chosen warder. This mixes things up as you are able to attack, jump and even deploy more units. This helps to dwindle down the demon number, but, also makes you prioritise where you need to be on the map and almost makes the game feel somewhat like a time management game.

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On each map, you start off with a small number of points that you can use to place down troops with varying cost per type. As you play through the campaign you unlock additional units one at a time which helps to serve as a nice tutorial for each unit. A pikeman (General Soldier type) will set you back 100 points, but a more powerful unit, such as a ballista will cost you a hefty 1200 points. The units can be placed freely across the map and each has its own strengths and weaknesses which helps to add the strategy. 

Slain enemies drop candles (& also health pickups) that award points so you can keep deploying units during the waves or save up for that expensive shiny unit for the next round.

Each Hell Warder has their own unique attacks and weaponry which would probably compliment each other in the games Co-op mode. Unfortunately, as the game is unreleased at the time of writing this I was not able to find anyone online to play with, but I am pretty sure it would be a ton of fun! 

Depending on how well you performed you will be award a number of Beacons at the end of each map. The Beacons can be used to put points into a stat, either for yourself or for your units. These upgrades vary from additional health to increased range and will be needed if you hope to survive some of the Boss fights.

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Style & Performance

Graphically Hell Warders looked pretty good on the Switch, the enemy design was thoughtful and interesting and the maps are set in quite diverse locations to keep things from getting stale.

Controls were fluid, but, a little floaty at times especially the jump & I did find myself on more than one occasion pressing the ‘+’ button to pause the game only to inadvertently start the next wave, however, I am completely aware that this was my own fault and I am willing to admit that!

Overall Hell Warders ran very smooth but on some of the later levels, I did experience a little slowdown when the screen was full of demons!


Hell Warders is a great game for anyone looking to scratch that tower defence itch. The game blends Action, tower defence very well and lends really well to the Nintendo Switch’s handheld mode. While the game has a few flaws, it is really quite addictive, after each successful mission or defeat you feel like jumping right back into the action. The difficulty may prove to be a bit of challenge from the uninitiated in the tower defense, I’ve played a fair few, consider myself to be adept and I found some of the bosses rather difficult. Myself, I found this quite refreshing as it means there is more Hell Warders to play!


7.5 / 10

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