What are the best VITA games?

The Best Games on the PSVITA

I love the PS Vita, it’s probably my favourite handheld (Slowly being overtaken by the Switch!). As the Vita has entered the Twilight of its life I thought it would be a good time to list out some of the systems killer games.

The following are Vita games which I deem a ‘must have’ for any Vita collector. I am sure these games won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, however, these are all games that I could literally spend hours with!

So, what are the best games on the PS VITA? The best games on the Vita are as follows: –


Metal Gear Solid HD collection is FULL of content. You get Metal Gear Solid 2, 3, Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 all on one tiny Vita Cartridge. Not only do you get the games but you get the best version of them including all the extras (VR missions, Snakes tales etc). With Metal Gear Solid 5 out there has never been a better time to catch up with the origins of Big boss… and I guess Raiden also.

One thing missing, however, is Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. While this sucks it still can be picked up relatively cheap for both the PS3 and PSP. I guess they couldn’t fit that much content onto one of the Vita’s 4gb game cards!

Personally, I modified my Vita to let me run my PSP games and I can say from first-hand experience that Peace Walker is great on the Vita. Here’s hoping they release a version on the Switch!

After recently playing through both games, I can say that they hold up very well! Packed full of Kojima goodness! The cross-save feature between PS3 is very cool also. They thought of everything!


Don't Starve: Giant Edition

Don’t Starve is a wonderfully funny and stylish game. The aim of the game is summed up in its title ‘Don’t Starve’. You have to survive all alone on a randomly generated map.

As you collect items you unlock recipes, which in turn help your character survive. There are over ten characters to unlock who all have different abilities and traits. The three main meters are Health, Sanity and of course hunger. Like all RNG games how long you survive is slightly luck dependent, you could be placed next to bountiful food and crafting supplies or you could have to make do and adventure out each day to collect materials. Nighttime is dangerous and you would be wise to stay near a fire! (Providing you cut down enough logs!)

Don’t Starve is a great game if you like crafting and survival. The game is fantastic portable, my first encounter with Don’t Starve was on the PS4 and since then I have picked up a copy for PC also! With the RNG aspect games can last anywhere between 20 mins and 4 hours, which is great for long (or short commutes). The Giant Edition comes with DLC included and the hand-drawn art style looks great on the Vita Screen and as of yet, I have not picked up the Nintendo Switch version, So I can’t comment or compare.


Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden makes the number one spot in so many top lists and it’s easy to see why. Golden is a masterpiece from Atlus!

This Vita upgrade of the already amazing PlayStation 2 title has added quite a lot to the adventure with new characters and story. As a transfer student, the story is about you making bonds with friends and working together to solve a supernatural mystery. The less said about the story the better, believe me, it’s worth experiencing for yourself! The game is very stylish, colourful and has a great soundtrack. The gameplay is very good; in-depth dungeon crawler with a complex and satisfying ‘Persona’ JRPG system.

The pacing is a tad slow in the beginning but it soon ramps up becoming quite compelling. Once Persona 4 Golden has you hooked, it is very hard to put down. You will end up deciding on how to spend your in-game ‘day’ with each action usually benefiting your character in some way or another. You could spend the day with something improving your social link with that person or decide to head to the dungeon and level up! This type of time management is baked into the games core and certain milestones must be reached by certain dates, it drives perfectionists crazy, trust me! Golden has so many choices it could make your head hurt trying to keep up with it all!

The story is great as expected of Atlus, music is awesome and the whole game will take you around 80 hours to complete.


Disgaea 4 A Promise Revisited

Disgaea 4: A promise revisited, What can I say? It’s an amazing game. This is completely biased as I am a massive fan of the Disgaea series ( & NIS games in general) but hear me out!

At it core, Disgaea 4 is an in-depth SJRPG with almost endless replayability.  The story is centred around Valvatorez, A former tyrant overlord who now eats only sardines because of a promise he made to a certain someone.

Originally released for the PS3, this vita port includes all DLC and has a lovely art style to it along with a wacky anime opening scene. Disgaea 4 has potentially endless content; each character can be levelled up to 9999 then reincarnated back to level 1 retaining a percentage of stats and some traits, you can then do it all over again min-maxing your characters until they are landing hits in well over the millions of damage.

Here is one example of how insane a Disgaea game is; every item has a procedurally generated dungeon inside it that can power up the item depending on how many floors you can clear. Every item!

It’s hard to mention all the good things about the game here! there a lot going on. Perfect to pick up and play, especially on the vita!

Full of humour and a colourful, yet goofy cast but don’t be put off by all the complex systems in place; Its probably one of the most rewarding games on the vita!

If you would like to see where the series started NIS recently released a remaster of the 1st Disgaea game, please check out my review.


Final Fantasy X/X-2

I decided to include Both games as our number one slot as they are sold together and both carry on the same story.

These 2 RPGs from Square are both fantastic. Not everyone agrees so with X-2 but you have to admit it is stunning on the Vita’s screen.

The world of Spira is now portable and looks great. The soundtrack has been remastered also but you do have the option to switch back to the original OST. Both battle systems from each game are fantastic after all this time, although if playing them back to back it can be a bit jarring going into X-2’s faster-paced system.

The main thing to note is that this is not just a straight port, Some thought has been put into these titles.

Both are the ‘International’ versions and include a few extras advance sphere grid for FFX & Extra Dress spheres for X-2. Final Fantasy X-2 also includes ‘Last mission’ originally released exclusively in Japan as a bonus for Final Fantasy X-2: International + Last Mission

For me the nostalgia was real! This would make a fine introduction to the series for newcomers also, Even though some of the voice acting is ‘Questionable’ especially in the laughing scene. In fact, the voice acting in the laughing screen was downright terrifying.

The visuals are just as amazing as they were back on the PS2. The Vita screen makes them very rich and vibrant, Especially on the OLED screen.

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