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make your own playstation classic guide

How to make your own PlayStation Classic Console

Much like Nintendo, Sony has decided to jump into the nostalgia market with its upcoming PlayStation Classic. When the Classic was announced I was very excited and couldn’t wait to hear what the other 15 games (Along with the 5 announced) were. There are some fantastic games that Sony has decided to include on the tiny console including classics like Tekken 3, Ridge Racer Type 4 & Final Fantasy VII. I do feel like a lot of games are missing from the lineup. I am guessing this is due to remakes, re-releases and perhaps licensing issues? A few we are missing that I am surprised about are Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night & Resident Evil 2. This left me slightly disappointed and from what I can tell from Twitter quite a few people have cancelled their pre-orders upon the announcement of the additional games.

Why not make my own?

How to make your own DIY PlayStation Classic? I got thinking and decided it was time to create a ‘DIY’ PlayStation Classic. The answer comes in the form of an even smaller console. One about the size of a pack of cards in fact. I am talking about the PSTV (VITA TV etc) make-your-own-ps-classic-vita-front For those of you who do not know, the PSTV is essentially PlayStation Vita hardware shrunk down. Devoid of a screen, the PSTV connects directly to your TV using HDMI and outputs in 720p which is not bad considering the size of the Vita’s screen. Controls are handled via either a PS3 or PS4 Controller which still gives the authentic PlayStation feel without having to worry about cables!

What do you need?

A PS TV (Or PS VITA if you want portability): These are getting harder to come by so nab one if you see one cheap! Ideally, at the time of writing, we will need the console to be on firmware 3.68 or lower. Otherwise, we will have to wait for future exploits!  (Amazon)  Affiliate Link A PS3 or PS4 controller (Amazon)  Affiliate Link A PC with an FTP program such as Filezilla. Some time: Self-explanatory! The first thing you will need to do is install h-encore to your PS TV. Now, my current Vita systems are all already exploited so I will refer you to the following video by Tech James. He does a great job of explaining the setup from official firmware to running h-encore!
At this stage, we should have the PS TV on firmware version 3.68 with H-encore installed. MAKE YOUR OWN PS CLASSIC SCREEN (2) Run H-encore and install HENkaku. MAKE YOUR OWN PS CLASSIC SCREEN (8) Now exit out of H-encore and go to system settings to verify that HENkaku is running. You will be able to tell by the additional setting and your firmware version looking like the picture below. While in the system settings we will also need to enable unsafe homebrew by ticking the box. MAKE YOUR OWN PS CLASSIC SCREEN (12) MAKE YOUR OWN PS CLASSIC SCREEN (18) Next up is to make sure we have VitaShell installed. Head back into H-encore and download and install VitaShell. MAKE YOUR OWN PS CLASSIC SCREEN (16) Exit H-encore again and launch VitaShell. VitaShell is probably the most useful homebrew on the Vita. It allows for file movement and modifications, very handy! Make sure you are in the path ux0: (I am pretty sure its the default but if not navigate there). Here we will be creating a folder called ‘VPK’ or whatever you like really! Press Triangle and create the folder. MAKE YOUR OWN PS CLASSIC SCREEN (20) MAKE YOUR OWN PS CLASSIC SCREEN (21) This will have placed a folder in ux0: called ‘VPK’. Double check it is there and press the start button or equivalent depending on what controller is being used. This will bring up VitaShell’s main settings. Navigate down to ‘SELECT button’ and press ‘X’ to make sure it says FTP. Press select to start running FTP. MAKE YOUR OWN PS CLASSIC SCREEN (22) Head over on your PC to TheOfficialFloW’s Github and download the latest release of Adrenaline.vpk make your own PS classic adrenaline Use an FTP client like Filezilla to connect to the Vita and transfer the Adrenaline.vpk from your PC to the VPK folder we created in ux0. Head back over to your VitaShell and close the FTP. Head into the VPK folder and select Adrenaline.vpk and press ‘X’ to install. MAKE YOUR OWN PS CLASSIC SCREEN (23) Once installed close VitaShell and you will find the Adrenaline Icon waiting for you! MAKE YOUR OWN PS CLASSIC SCREEN (25) Upon starting Adrenaline you will be prompted to download PSP firmware 6.61. Press ‘X’ and it will automatically download and install! After installation press ‘X’ and you boot into the PSP’s XMB. MAKE YOUR OWN PS CLASSIC SCREEN (30) MAKE YOUR OWN PS CLASSIC SCREEN (32) Congratulations, you effectively have a PSP! I bet the PlayStation Classic will not support PSP games. Setup the XMB. If you hold down the PS button you will be able to open Adrenaline Settings. From here there a few things you can tinker with including save states and graphics filters which are really nice! The Flow has outdone himself! MAKE YOUR OWN PS CLASSIC SCREEN (33) Head back over to your PC we will transfer some PS1 games over. You will need to convert your games to Eboot format. You can use a program like PSX2PSP to convert your game to the correct format One done load up VitaShell and navigate to ux0:pspemu/PSP/GAME and in here create a folder with the name of the game you have converted (Mine is Resident Evil 3 so I called the folder RE3). MAKE YOUR OWN PS CLASSIC SCREEN (37) Load up your FTP client and copy your EBOOT.PBP over to the folder we just created. Once finished load up Adrenaline and navigate to ‘game’ if all has gone well you should see your game right there in the menu MAKE YOUR OWN PS CLASSIC SCREEN (39) MAKE YOUR OWN PS CLASSIC SCREEN (42) MAKE YOUR OWN PS CLASSIC SCREEN (1)

Good Job!

If all is gone well you should be up and running with a PS1 game running on Vita via adrenaline! You can now use this method to copy over all the PS1 games you got collecting dust on the shelve and enjoy them on your TV in HD. Please do stick to games you own, we do not support nor condone piracy. We do think the PlayStation Classic is a great way to play the games it comes bundled with but, what about Final Fantasy VIII or IX? What about all the great games you already own but are not bundled with the PlayStation Classic? With a hacked PS TV you can enjoy all the PS1 games you own as well as PSP games and of course Vita games! This was all made possible by The FloW and he really has sunk in some serious time opening up the Vita system. If you like his work please consider supporting him over on Patreon.

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