How to use Wii U USB Helper [GUIDE]

WII U USB HELPER GUIDE HOW TO INSTALL WII U, WII AND GAMECUBE GAMES Wii U USB helper will let you download Wii U games directly to your PC and even copy them over to your SD / Micro SD card. Wii U USB Helper acts pretty much as a mirror of the current eShop, however,

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Resident Evil Gaiden Review | Game Boy Color

Resident Evil Gaiden: The Second-best Resident Evil game set on a boat!   Resident Evil Gaiden / バイオハザード外伝   Developer: M4 Limited   Publisher: Virgin Interactive (PAL) / Capcom (JP & NA)   Initial Release: December 14th 2001 Resident Evil Gaiden is an interesting little game for the Game Boy Color but it wasn’t the first

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MiSTer vs Raspberry Pi | Which Is Better for Retro Gaming?

MiSTer vs Raspberry Pi I’ve been gaming for almost 30 years now! Wow, I feel old. Over those many years, I have played many a game, some good, some bad and some complete garbage and even though I love modern gaming I always find myself being drawn back to retro games, the sounds, the level design

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What GBC Games are Enhanced for GBA?

GBA enhanced GBC games: The Game Boy Color had a great library of games but always served as a stopgap between the then ageing Game Boy and the upcoming Game Boy Advance. The Game Boy Color released in October 1998, almost ten years after the original Game Boy but was replaced with the Game Boy Advance

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Drill Dozer review GBA

Drill Dozer Review: The Best GBA Platformer

Drill Dozer Review Drill Dozer is perhaps one of the best platformers on the GBA and one of the Game Boy Advance’s more obscure games. Drill Dozer was released late in the game boy advance’s lifecycle, September 2005 in Japan and February 2006 in North America. Over here, in Europe, we had to wait until the

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Backlit Game boy color guide

How to Backlight Your Game Boy Color

In this step-by-step guide, I will be showing you the best way to install a backlight into your Game Boy Color. There are a few different manufactures that produce these replacement screens and kits. However, most of them are not full-size screens, leaving an unsightly border within the lens of your Game Boy Color. Luckily, the