Nintendo Switch Emulation

Nintendo Switch emulation – What are the current possibilities?

The Nintendo hacking community is currently thriving with new releases and emulators added almost each day. The best way to test applications is to use one of the two emulators released which are both making steady progress and even showing off some ACTUAL gameplay! The two Current contenders for Nintendo Switch emulation are RyujiNX & Yuzu: –


RyujiNX is programmed in C# and already has some commercial Switch games booting. In just a few months the programmer behind RyujiNX has made great progress, the emulator to display actual gameplay of Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ and Cave Story. Not all games are currently playable and Sega’s Puyo Puyo Tetris boots up but only makes it past the logo screen before crashing crashes. RyujiNX seems to be ‘winning’ so far with games that actually boot and new additions are being added almost daily. The biggest acheievement so far is that RyujiNX can run Sonic Mania at full speed!


Yuzu on the other hand still only boots up the Binding of Isaac, Cave Story & Puyo Puyo Tetris. Here is an image of Yuzu running Cave Story in game: – As you can see Yuzu needs a little more love but, its still early days and I am sure the project will be running more games in the future.

The future of Nintendo Switch Emulation?

The development of both emulators is incredibly fast, the renowned Dolphin Emulator for the Wii could only boot into the the system menu after three years of development, so its nice to see how fast things are coming along! We already have a game running at full speed and fully playable within 16 months of release. I am sure as the devs delve deeper they will manage to get a lot more titles up and running at full speed! We can only hope it will have the same type of high compatibility that the Dolphin emulator has achieved over the years!

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