How to Install a Xeno GC Chip [Guide]

In this guide, I will show you how to install a Xeno GC chip into your GameCube. This mod will allow you to play out of region games, load homebrew and game backups without the need for an exploitable game. This makes loading into a program such as Swiss or the GameBoy Interface as fast as loading a regular GameCube game.

To install this mod you will need the following: –


Xeno GC Modchip

Soldering iron / Station

4.5mm GameBit Screwdriver

Phillips head screwdriver

Solder & No-Clean flux

Optional: Isopropyl Alcohol

Optional: Mini-DVD R / Different Region Game (For testing)

Optional: Digital Multimeter

To install the Xeno GC modchip we need to take the GameCube apart to access the DVD drive.

First, Remove any game disc’s & accessories. I have a GameBoy Player attached to my GameCube and an SD2SP2 installed so I will remove those first.

Xeno GC Chip
GameCube upside down

With the GameBoy Player detached we can access the bottom of the GameCube. To open the GameCube up we need to use a 4.5mm Gamebit screwdriver to remove the four screws that hold the shell in place.

Once the screws are out, put them to the side and turn your GameCube back over. You should now be able to lift the top of the GameCube off.

Put your top half of the shell to the side and remove the backplate, this is done by pulling up on it.

Next, we want to remove the front where the controller ports are. To do this gently pull up on the part while being careful of the ribbon cable that attaches this part to the mainboard. You need to remove the ribbon cable by gently pulling it away from the mainboard, afterwards put the board to the side.

Optional: Now is a great time to replace the internal battery inside your GameCube. This keeps your time and date ticking along even when the GameCube is turned off. The GameCube uses a tabbed CR2032 battery, to access it you will need to remove the board which is held in place with 2 x Phillips head screws. Ince the board is off you will want to remove the battery using your soldering iron and replace the battery. Once that is done, put the screws back into the board.

Next, we want to remove the fan. This is down by disconnecting the fan from the mainboard by removing its power cable.

Now, we need to remove the two Phillips head screws which hold the fan in place. With these out, the fan should just lift out.

Next, we need to remove the screws holding DVD drive to the motherboard. For, some reason Nintendo decided to use 16 screws! Remove these Phillips head screws and set them aside. There are twelve larger screws and four smaller screws (well, longer technically!) which are located on top of the memory card slots. Make sure you keep these separate. Also, you’ll need to lift off the two plates that sit on top of the memory card slots.

With these removed we can now completely remove the DVD drive from the motherboard. Do this by simply lifting up. Now, might be a great time to clean out any dust and dirt that has got inside your console over the years.

Set the bottom half with the motherboard aside, we won’t need that until putting everything back together.

We need to remove the metal shielding on the bottom of the DVD drive. To do this remove the 6 additional screws that hold it in place and it should just lift off.

Now we have the DVD Drive’s board exposed we can locate where to install our GameCube modchip.

This is the area you need to install you Xeno GC modchip.

Now, its worth mentioning that this chip requires 6 points to be soldered. The 2 points at the top of the chip you will want to fill with solder, while the two larger blob looking points need to be soldered on both sides of each point. Please do flood the whole thing with solder and bridge these connections, you will notice that they have quick solder pads on each side, use these.

Before soldering, I recommend adding some no-clean flux to all the pads, both on the chip and the DVD drive board. This will ensure we get a nicer join. You may also want to consider temporarily tacking down your Xeno GC modchip into place before soldering with some electrical tape.

Note: You can install this chip using wires. Just put your chip into place and take note of what needs to be wired and where. Once your cables are soldered into place insulate your board with some electrical tape. I hav