Disgaea 1 Complete Rosen Queen’s Finest Edition overview

Disgaea 1 Complete Rosen Queen’s Finest Edition

I am a massive Nippon Ichi Software fan so when Disgaea 1 complete Rosen Queen’s finest edition was announced it was pre-ordered immediately. In fact, I spent the better part of an afternoon refreshing the European store waiting for the product to be added for purchase! A few months on & my order was dispatched quickly by NIS Europe and arrived promptly on release day however, I did not actually open it until yesterday. So…

What’s in the box?

Nippon Ichi really went all out with the packaging, none of that cheap stuff! This might be the first time I have received a collectors edition without a tiny dent in one of the corners. Disgaea 1 complete brown box Rosen Queen's The inside of the box contains a ton of bubble wrap, a mouse mat and the Prinny Pouch style box itself Rosen Queen's Finest Box and mousepad


The first thing you will have probably noticed is the Etna “noppai” mouse mat. The character Etna for the uninitiated is a series staple and is known for being completely flat chested. This “Noppai” mouse mat is a very clever pun on the ‘Oppai’ mouse mat style and goes to show just the kind of humour you can expect from a Disgaea game! Etna Noppai Mouse Mat Rosen Queen's

Prinny Pouch

I was really surprised by the Prinny pouch styled box. It is hard to see in photos but, the box is really high quality featuring a faux leather effect and a magnetic latch to seal it back up for display! Everything in this box is surprisingly high quality, not that ever I doubted Nippon Ichi to deliver. I do tend to find most collectors editions usually include a few items that tend to have a questionable quality to them and I am happy to say that is not the case here with the Rosen Queen’s edition. Rosen Queen's Finest Open Box

Prinny, Dood!

As I opened the box my eyes were immediately drawn to the Disgaea 1 complete branded bag containing the ‘Prinny Cube’ Plush. The plush was way bigger than I ever assumed and once taken out of the bad and ‘fluffed’ up was almost the same size as the box! The attention to detail is fantastic and the little guy even has some tiny wings!
Prinny Plush on box Rosen Queen's      Rosen Queen's Prinny on box back

Handy Loyal Servants

The next item in the box is the ‘Orthodox Prinny Set’ of rubber coasters. Now, these are really detailed and cool, they come in a nice little box adorned with various coloured Prinnies. In the box you get three individually wrapped coasters, they even have Prinny wings imprinted on the underside! Rosen Queen's disgaea prinny coaster box 1 Rosen Queen's disgaea prinny coaster box 3

So Much Cardboard!

Next up is the game which, is pretty self-explanatory. NIS has very cleverly packed a lot of the internals of the Prinny Pouch box with cardboard inserts to help keep everything together. The game fits snuggly into one of these inserts which are perfect as I can put the insert back after I’ve taken the game out and at least attempt to put everything back together! I picked up the Nintendo Switch version because the Switch has increasingly become my favourite way to play games. Handheld mode is perfect for this type of game! I posted a full review of the game a couple of weeks ago If you would like to read it click here. Rosen Queen's disgaea 1 game box in white box

Art Book

Next up is the Disgaea 1 Complete official Artbook! A very nicely put together hardback book with some concept arts, artists notes and more. An art book is not really my kind of thing but, never the less I do like to own it! The art book is the kind of thing I will stumble across in the future and will look at and thoroughly enjoy for a good ten minutes before putting back into the box. Rosen Queen's art book Rosen Queen's Art book 2

Physical Media…?

Inside yet another cardboard insert I found the Disgaea 1 complete official soundtrack! The music in Disgaea has always been quite catchy so not a bad thing to have included. A physical CD seems to be somewhat of a rarity these days so it’s quite nice to see NIS going the extra mile. I have always seen MP3 Downloads as an easy way out and have personally never redeemed a code for any. The artwork is quite good on the CD and case which, is something digital would not have provided! DISGAEA 1 CD CASE FRONT DISGAEA 1 ROSEN QUEEN'S CD INSIDE


Next up is not one but, two posters! The first poster is of the actual box art of the original PlayStation 2 version of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness which I think is a really cool edition, especially for long term fans of the series. I really like the comic book style of art. The second poster is pretty much all the main characters in the game, featuring heroes and anti-heroes. The posters are printed on a tear-resistant thick paper which is also nice!
Disgaea rosen queen's poster 1   Disgaea rosen queen's poster 1

Certificate of Authenticity

Included amongst the cardboard inserts and posters was an envelope containing a certificate of authenticity from Etoile Rosenqueen herself! Just to prove that the items inside are not a forgery made by some Prinnies. certificate of autheticity disgaea 1

The last item

The last item… well items included in the Rosen Queen’s edition are these extremely high-quality Metal and enamel pins. They really are nice pins and I am glad NIS chose to go for real metal pins rather than cheaper acrylic options. One side has the defenders of earth pin set and the opposite side has the Netherworld VIP pin set. disgaea 1 complete rosen queen's pin set

Should I buy a collectors edition from NIS?

If you find yourself asking whether you should buy any collectors edition from Nippon Ichi Software I would say go for it. The insane amount of stuff I got within the Rosen Queen’s Finest edition really makes me put more faith into video game companies, its not all just cash grabs. I paid a small fortune (£180) to preorder Final Fantasy XV’s Ultimate collector’s edition which, did not even include a season pass for the game! I think the amount of value you get out of a collectors edition depends on how much you like the series, To be honest, I would have been happy paying the £89.99 the Rosen Queen’s Finest edition just for the game, Prinny box & Plush! Disgaea 1 Complete by itself has way over 200 hours of gameplay and also includes new modes to keep veterans busy. I cannot stress enough the enormous amount of value this collectors edition offers. If you see one out in the wild be sure to jump on it before someone else does! Now I really hope they eventually release a Disgaea 2 complete or re-release the Disgaea triple play collection with Disgaea 3, 4 and D2! If you would like to buy Disgaea 1 Complete you can from here.

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