Hunt the Night Review

Hunt the Night The main storyline in Hunt the Night revolves around Vesper, an agent of a group known as the Stalkers. There are some clear Bloodborne inspirations to the story including a strong theme of crows and the fact that all of humanity is trapped in the ‘night’, an eternal nighttime where monsters roam

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Meg's Monster Review

Meg’s Monster Review

Meg’s Monster Review Meg’s Monster advertises itself as an RPG but in fact, I would say the game plays a little more like an interactive visual novel. You don’t actually play as Meg, the game starts out with a young girl (Meg) being dumped into an underworld full of monsters with many of them wanting

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Hitman: Freelancer Review

Hitman: Freelancer Review

Hitman: Freelancer Review The rebooted series of Hitman games have once again got a slight rebranding. The trilogy which started with Hitman (2016) and ended with Hitman 3 is now sold as one combined package known as Hitman: World of Assassination. Along with the rebrand and repackaging comes an additional mode Hitman: Freelancer which is

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