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The Best Horror Games for PS4

The best horror games for PS4; There was a time when this wouldn’t have been possible due to lack of games but, as the consoles library has bulked up luckily we have an abundance of great PS4 horror games.

My list is in not particular order but, they are all pretty much guaranteed get you into the swing of things for Halloween.






best horror games ps4


Outlast is one of the most terrifying horror games on the PS4. Outlast is first-person horror adventure, You play as a reporter that has stupidly became trapped in this old derelict psychiatric hospital (Spoiler: Its not empty).

Outlast has an unsettling atmosphere, although the story is not much to write home about. Outlast makes great use of jump-scares and a lot the game takes place through your view finder of your trusty camcorder in night vision mode.

Gameplay wise you’ll be running, hiding and, and walking very slowly trying to anticipate the next  jump-scare!







Resident Evil HD Remaster is a remastering of the Resident Evil that came out originally on the Gamecube, that was a remake of Resident Evil that originally came out on the Playstation 1 (If that makes sense!).

Resident Evil is probably the grandfather of most modern survival horror games and it’s great to see how well the game holds up! The graphics and lighting effects really do the game justice. Also I was really impressed at how the gameplay didn’t feel dated and the mansion felt absolutely huge. I do believe that Capcom have announced a remake of RE2, lets hope they get it right… like this one!









Sci-fi survival horror (One of my favorites!). Soma doesn’t rely on fast paced action and jump scares to solidify itself as a great horror experience. Soma takes elements from Dead Space and Bioshock series. You explore an underwater research facility and things get unsettling from the get go as the machinery in the underwater facility begins taking on human-like characteristics.

There is some action in Soma but, it mainly keeps you tense and immersed through the use of puzzles and stealth. Soma has received positive reviews for its atmospheric setting and engaging, thought-provoking story. If you like a slower paced exploration based horror experience then this is for you.




In Until Dawn you play as a cast teenagers who foolishly thought it would be a good idea to have a mini break inside an old lodge. As to be expected eventually, they’re being hunted by a psychopath that’s decided they all must die (Typical, eh?).

What makes Until Dawn unique is that it’s more of an interactive movie (think Heavy Rain… or Fahrenheit) . You switch between the eight characters you’re forced to make choices that significantly alter the story’s ending. It makes for interesting multiple play through to see how each of the ill fated teens meet their demise.








I’ve been a fan of White Day since the 2001 original. In this Korean survival horror game you play as Hee-Min Lee, a high school student who gets trapped along his schoolmates inside Yeondu High School, a haunted school!  You’ll have to solve puzzles and even face some ghosts in order to escape.

Atmosphere is something akin to Project Zero (Fatal Frame in the US) mixed with a lot of classically styled survival horror puzzles.

A must have for any survival horror fan.





The Alien game that fans of the film series have been waiting years for. Alien Vs Predator (The old ones on PC) were very good but lately the Aliens franchise has been a little lackluster. This game remedies that and captures the feel of the movies. Survival horror where you could die at any moment: I like it!!

The “Alien” is done very well and is as terrifying as when you saw it in the original movie. In fact its probably far more terrifying as you are in control and ultimately it is you who is hunted.

Very tense, very atmospheric and very….. well Alien I guess!







Originally released on the PS3 now updated with Remastered graphics and a silky smooth 60fps. The main selling point of this game is the engrossing story which is fantastic. I wont spoil anything but, the world has gone to shit. You have to survive with traditional and improvised weapons killing fungus mutants in the post apocalyptic world.

The whole feel of the games just works and gets extremely tense at times, especially with the enemies know as clickers (Trust me you will see!).

Many publications gave this a solid 10/10 and I can see why! Highly recommended.







That is about it for the games I would say are a must have for horror fans. If I had more time I would have mentioned Resident Evil 7, The Evil Within and Outlast 2.

Any other horror games I should be aware of? Please let me know down below.

Also for any Guild Wars 2 fans reading make sure you check out Dan Pros Blog, he posts a lot about gaming and especially GW2!




    October 13, 2017

    Great list along with some NOSTALGIA (resident evil 1 what a game) Whiteday sounds interesting also


      October 13, 2017

      Korean Horror is always different. More suspense rather than straight up action!

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