Wii U Modding Guide for 2020 Part 4 | Complete Guide

In this part of the guide, I will show you how to make custom Virtual Console games to play on your modded Wii U.

We will be using a tool called Ultimate WiiU Virtual Console Injector (UWUVCI) by nicoAICP, this allows you to install custom virtual console games and play them directly from your Wii U. With UWUVCI you can install and play NES, SNES, N64, Nintendo DS & Game Boy Advance games. Not only do a lot of these games look and run great in HD and they also benefit from the use of mods, translations and fixes, such as removing the dark filter Nintendo included with their emulation. This can be especially helpful for translation of Japanese games and allows for the playing of regional exclusives.

Below I will outline how to create and install each type. If you are after Wii and GameCube injection, please refer to part 3 of my guide on modding the Wii U.

First, we must download our injection program UWUVCI. You can download it here: – 


Download and extract the latest .zip file which will contain a ‘Tools’ folder and the program itself. It does not matter where you extract these files, but they must be in the same folder.


Double click on UWUVCI AIO.exe and you will be asked to enter all paths to inject. Click OK.

We need to do a little bit of setup before we can start injecting our ROMs to be played on the Wii U. Navigate over to settings -> Paths and from here select where you want to store you downloaded BaseRoms and where to save you injected games. I created two folders on the desktop called ‘Wii U games base’ and ‘Wii U Injected games’ and set them as each folder.

Wii U Virtual Console injector paths set up

With our folders now set we need to set the Wii U Common key. I cannot share this with so I would recommend googling ‘Wii U Common Key Pastebin’ it will most likely be the top result. Navigate to settings and ‘Set CommonKey’.

Enter the key and click check and you should get a message saying we can now begin injecting. This is only partially true as we need to set Title Keys for each console we want to inject. Click on settings -> set TitleKeys and click on which console you want. For this demonstration, I will be showing you how to do it for the Nintendo DS, but the other systems are done in the same way.

I have selected ‘The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracts [EU] as my base game. The reason I chose ‘EU’ is because my Wii U is an EU system. Much like the Wii U common key, I, unfortunately, cannot give you the TitleKey for each game. Google ‘wii u title keys’ and one of the top results has a list of databases where you can search for each key. Copy your chosen key in and click check, the app will tell you if it is correct or not. Click OK and now we are ready to inject some NDS Roms to the Virtual Console.

Installing Nintendo DS games on your Wii U

Now that we have our setup completed with Wii U common key set and our titlekey select ‘NDS VC Injector’. Next, select our Base game from the list, we are using Spirit Tracks EU. You will need to click ‘Download’ to install the base game, this might take a few minutes. Afterwards, there will be a green tick next to ‘Base downloaded’.

Over on the righthand side select your ROM image the game you wish to inject. For this demonstrating, I will be injected my dumped copy of Resident Evil DS (One of the best ports of the original RE by the way!).

In the Bootimages section, you can set the background the game Icon and background image for the Wii U’s system menu. This is not essential, and I am not going to do it here, however, you can make your own templates if you wish.

iconTex.png (128 x 128) (This will be the Icon)

bootTvTex.png (1280 x 720) (This will be the background)

You can find templates from both iconTex.png & bootTvTex.png over at GBATEMP here: https://gbatemp.net/threads/banners-icon-templates-for-wii-vc.483080/

The XML edits section is where you can edit the Game Name, I’m going to use Resident Evil DS.

After these are set, select ‘Inject!’ and UWUVCI will inject the game for you. Click ‘OK’ and then we want to choose ‘Installable Files’ this will create a folder inside our ‘Wii U injected games’ of the game. My folder has a ‘Resident Evil DS’ folder inside of it.  


To install this game, copy the game output folder to the ‘install’ folder of your SD card. So, mine reads SD:/install/Resident Evil DS. Load up your modded Wii U and launch the homebrew Launcher. We want to open WUP Installer GX2.


Once loaded we will see our game folder name on the Gamepad, select this and press install, press Yes and select USB and your game will begin to install (you can choose to save this NAND if you want, however, I would advise against this. If the file corrupts for any reason, it’s easier to remove from your HDD rather than risk corrupting your Wii U’s memory).


Once install press OK and the home button a few times to return to the Wii U system menu. Here we will find our game. As I did not change the .png images mine will display the icon for The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks, but as you can see the name is Resident Evil DS.


We now have our DS game successfully injected!

If you tap ZR you can pull up the Virtual Console menu. From here select Screen settings and you will be able to adjust how the game displays as well as disabling screen smoothing. I prefer to play in ‘Large Screen Display’ mode with smoothing off.


Installing N64 Virtual Console Games

A lot of what applies to the DS inject applies here. Like before, set the TitleKey/s you will be using as your base game and download the game.

Select the ROM you wish to inject. I am going to be using my dumped copy of Yoshi’s Story, Underneath you will see an option to remove the dark filter, I recommend removing this. For some reason, N64 virtual Console games have a strange darkening filter applied to them. Select either keep or remove depending on your preference. 

Beneath, you will see and option to set a configuration file. Click ‘use blank INI’. Certain games need certain INI’s to run but, I find most run with blank.

If your game is not running correctly please have a look at the compatibility list put together over at the gbatemp wiki,  It’s a great resource!

n64 wii u inject 2

The bootimages section is where you can set backgrounds, icons etc. Follow the steps in the DS section above to download custom ones. I’m going to skip them as it doesn’t really bother me, however, I know some people like to keep things looking all nice.

Under XML Edits enter the game name you wish to use. I went with ‘Yoshi’s Story’ and click ‘Inject!’. You will get a message saying, ‘Injection finished successfully’, click OK and then click ‘Installable Files’ from section 3 of UWUVCI, this will create the inject folder. Click OK and navigate over to your Injected games folder. Copy the created folder over your SD card, in my case the folder is ‘Yoshi’s Story’. This folder needs to be placed into the ‘Install’ folder on the root of the SD card.

Boot up your Wii U and head into the Homebrew Launcher, from here navigate to WUP Installer GX2 and tap load. Once loaded you will see your game’s folder name on the gamepad, tap it and press install, confirm the install and choose USB the game will then install. After installing press the home button a few times to head back to the Wii U’s System menu. You will now see your game on as an icon. If you did not choose to add custom images, the icon will be of the base game you chose in UWUVCI. Tap the icon to launch your game and enjoy!

n64 wii u inject 3

Installing GBA Virtual Console Games on your Wii U

GBA games on the WII U are great! They look sharp and are an affordable alternative to a GBA Consolizer or MiSTer setup.

Installing Game Boy Advance games to your Wii U is easy, there are no configuration files to mess around with this time. I will be using my copy of Metroid Fusion.

Metroid Fusion WII U INJECT

I dumped my copy with the GBxCart RW which you can read about here.

Open up UWUVCI and set the TitleKey/s as we did in the DS injection.  This time I am using Minish Cap EU as my base game. Set your base game and click download. This may take a few minutes.

Once downloaded select your game ROM you wish to inject. I am using my dump of Metroid Fusion.

GBA inject WII U 1

For the bootimages see above DS section, I am leaving them blank here and in the XML edits section I am calling my inject ‘Metroid Fusion’. After this is set click ‘Inject!’ press ok then click ‘Installable files’, this will create a version of the injected game we can install on our Wii U.


Take the newly created folder and move it over to our ‘Install’ folder on the root of our SD card (This folder will be the game name). Insert the SD card back into your Wii U and boot up the Homebrew Launcher. From here select WUP Installer GX2 and load.

On the gamepad select the game and press install, press Yes to confirm and choose USB. The game will then install, Once complete you can close Wup Installer and the homebrew launcher to return to the Wii U’s system menu. Here you will find our injected game, mine has the base game as the logo because I did not set a custom one in UWUVCI.


TIP: Press in the right analog stick disables screen smoothing making the game look a lot better in my opinion.

This would also be a great time to mention you can install modified roms into these injected games (not just GBA either). Let me know if that is something you would interest in seeing and I can update the guide with a tutorial on how to install them.

How to inject NES games to the Virtual Console

Now we are going to be making an injection of an NES game to the Virtual Console. The game we shall be using is a dump of Super Mario Bros. 2.

Like the GBA, the steps are very simple. Set your TitleKeys like mentioned in the DS section. Then select your base game and download. I will be using Punch Out as my base game.

nes inject WII U 1

Select your game Rom and any Bootimages you want (See DS section for templates).  For the XML Edits section, I will be calling my injection ‘Super Mario Bros. 2. Click ‘Inject!’ then ok. After, click ‘Installable files’ and OK once again. You will now have your injected game folder waiting for you to be copied over to your SD card.

nes inject WII U 2

Copy this newly created ‘Super Mario Bros. 2’ folder over to the ‘Install’ folder in the root of your SD card and reinsert into your Wii U. Boot up your Wii U and head over the Homebrew Launcher. From here launch WUP Installer GX2 & on the gamepad select the game and press install, press yes to confirm this and then select USB. The game will now install to your external HDD.


Head back to your Wii U’s main menu and find the new app (If you didn’t apply custom images the game will still display like the base game).


How to install Super Nintendo games on your WII U

Finally, we are going to be installing Super Nintendo games to your Wii U. Well, Technically I am going to be installing a Super Famicom game. The process is the same for all regions. I have here my copy of Rockman 7 which I have made a dump of.


Open up UWUVCI and select SNES VC Injector, from here select settings and input the TitleKey for the base game you are going to be using. I have chosen Super Metroid.  Paste in your key and click ‘Check’, you should get a message that it is correct, if not recheck you titlekey.

Close the TitleKey Menu and select and download your base game, this will take a few minutes. Once downloaded we can choose our Rockman 7.sfc rom, click ‘Choose ROM’ and navigate to wherever your ROM dump is stored.

snes inject WII U 2

Select your custom bootimages if you want (Please see DS section above). I’m not going to do that here in this demonstration so my game will appear in the Wii U’s menu as the base game (Super Metroid).

In XML Edits I am going to enter the games name ‘Rockman 7’ afterwards,  click ‘Inject!’ and you should get the message that the injection has finished successfully.