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Disgaea 1 Complete Rosen Queen’s Finest Edition overview

  Disgaea 1 Complete Rosen Queen’s Finest Edition   I am a massive Nippon Ichi Software fan so when Disgaea 1 complete Rosen Queen’s finest edition was announced it was pre-ordered immediately. In fact I spent the better part of an afternoon refreshing the European store waiting for the product to be added for purchase! […]

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Disgaea 1 Complete Nintendo Switch Review

The original Disgaea was released all the back in 2003 on PlayStation 2 & was somewhat of an obscure title that has gone on to achieve cult like status among SRPG fans. There have been 5 numbered entries in the series and a handful of spin-offs across numerous platforms including, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, Nintendo DS, […]

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The best nintendo switch games article picture

The Best Nintendo Switch Games

  Nintendo Switch Games – Our list of the best games so far   The Nintendo Switch is rapidly becoming our favourite way to play games. Nintendo really have seemed to recover after the ill-fated WiiU (RIP) and are pumping out game after game of handheld goodness. Nintendo are being a lot more friendly towards […]

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PS VITA TOP 5 GAMES!   We love the PS Vita, we dare say its even our favorite handheld of all time. The following list is Vita games we deem to be ‘must have’ titles. Bear in mind that the following is our own choices and that their are a TON of games that did […]

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