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Nintendo Won E3 2017 Hands down.


E3 is always a joyous or disappointing time for gamers all over the world. This year was no exception.

Microsoft has announced their very expensive Xbox One X, Sony didn’t announce too much & Nintendo went on to win E3 in under 25 mins.



Nintendo started with their introduction and flashy video of ‘cool kids’ having a great time with their Nintendo Switchs, which I personally found a little cringey.

Then they swiftly got into the swing of things with the following games: –


Xenoblade Chronicles 2

We got a good look at the in-game combat and  fantastic soundtrack.

Just the kind of thing the Switch needs, More JRPGS.

Scheduled for release Holiday 2017.



Next up was a new entry in the Kirby Series. Looks like a lot of fun. 4 player Local coop.

Colorful with some new transformations shown off.

Scheduled for release some time in 2018.

Pokken DX & ‘core’ Pokemon RPG

Next it was over to Shinya Takahashi from Nintendo who spoke about being relieved at the Switch’s success.

He then passed us over to Tsunekazu Ishihara of The Pokemon Company who gave a little recap on the Pokken DX announcement.

The real announcement was that Gamefreak are developing a ‘Core’ Pokemon RPG for the Nintendo Switch.

No scheduled release date as yet and he did mention may not be for another year yet!


Metroid Prime 4

It would seem Nintendo have listened to the fans and in a 30 second teaser trailer the announced the development of Metroid Prime 4.

This was the moment where I knew for certain that Nintendo had won E3.

There is not much to go on, just the logo for now.



Next up was a game that I wasn’t expecting for some time due to Yoshi’s wolly world not being  released that long ago (for Nintendo that is).

It opens with the message ‘There are two sides to every story.’, It then flips around to reveal a Shy guy looking at a sign which continues ‘And every stage.’ with a big cardboard style Yoshi egg.

The video goes on to show some gameplay which reminds me a little of LittleBigPlanet. looks like its going to be a lot of fun and have a great sound track!

There seems to be a strong emphasis on coop which is perfect for the switch. Unfortunately its another 2018 release.


Fire Emblem Warriors

Next up is Fire Emblem Warriors. A game I am personally really looking forward to. The art style looks fantastic as always and the music sounds like it could be lifted from a Final Fantasy game (Which is not a bad thing at all!).

Seems like you will get to play as all your favorite heroes and if Hyrule Warriors is anything to go by, its going to be great!

No gameplay shown, however it promise a fall 2017 release 🙂


Skyrim Amiibo Support & Breath of the Wild DLC

Eiji Aonuma briefly touches on Skyrim amiibo support before giving use a more detailed look at the upcoming 2 DLC packs for Zelda BOTW.

Mr Aonuma goes on to announce amiibos for all 4 of the champions from BOTW.


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Passed over to Ubisoft to quickly touch on they upcoming crossover game. Looks bright, colorful and a lot of fun.

I will really skeptical when I heard the rumors of this game but am now quite excited!

Released 29 August 2017


Rocket League

There was a quick look at Rocket League coming over to the switch. Not much to say really! The same game with some Nintendo exclusive items & cross network play.


Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo keeping the best until last. Super Mario Odyssey looks amazing. The game is going to be a system-seller for sure.

Mario uses his hat to possess enemies, objects and even people. Also seems like they are bringing back my favorite Mario element: Collectables!

It looks like a ton of fun and I can’t wait to play it.

Releasing this year also! 27th of November (Just in time for the Holidays – Nintendo know what they are doing!)



The above was just the love that the Switch is receiving. In the 25 min spotlight video Nintendo managed to steal the show with a game that doesn’t even have any information (New Pokemon) & a game that as far as we know could just be a logo (Metroid Prime 4.)

Nintendo went live to the treehouse after and showed off a ton of gameplay from Super Mario Odyssey and announced some AAA 3DS games.

They showed off a remake of my favorite Metroid Game of all time, Metroid II. Now know as Metroid: Samus Returns.

These Amiibos look amazing!!!


Also shown was a remake / Remastering of the fantastic Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga now with an added fun strategy mode called ‘Bowsers Minions’. I am really happy that Nintendo still show the 3DS so much support. I had assumed once the Switch was release Nintendo might slow down projects in favor of their new addition. Luckily this is not the case and some really great games seem to be coming out!


The above is the reason why Nintendo (At least in my eyes) Won E3. It’s the games at the end of the day. They have learnt their lesson from the WIIU; Great games sell consoles.

With all that said though, the lack of a new IP or Animal Crossing was a little disappointing and its a shame they haven’t announced anymore news on their upcoming online services.







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